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Nailworthy Nailrepair Glass nail file

Nailworthy Nailrepair Glass nail file

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Nailrepair Guaranteed Healthier Nails 
Nailrrepair Glass Nail File is manufactured to the highest quality and comes with a lifelong guarantee. It delivers salon-like results in your own comfort and time. Enjoy the feeling of well-manicured fingernails and pedicured toenails with an easy-to-use, 100% durable file. This product can be used as often as you like to help shape and form your nails. 

What it is 
14cm Luxurious, Double sided, Glass Nail file.


  • Taking good care of your nails is vital when you want to look your best and keep a professional appearance. This file provides a safe and comfortable pampering experience for men and women. Use to shape, trim and polish nails.
  • GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE to shape and style your nails without damaging nails or cuticles. Use this superior file with confidence, knowing that it will not cause splitting and/or breakage.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY GLASS and manufactured to last without wearing off over time. Designed to leave your nails smooth. Store the nail file in the polybag to protect the file from dirt and bacteria.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE to keep your nails beautiful all year around. The precision shaping can be used to form any style of the nail edge: Stiletto, Oval, Almond, Square, Squoval, Ballerina etc.
  • WASH, SANITIZE & REUSE. Very easy to clean. Simply wash the file with water and allow to air dry. Improve your nail health today. Beautiful and healthy natural nails has never been easier!

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