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Eyebrow Makeup Waterproof Durable Liquid Tint Brush Set

Eyebrow Makeup Waterproof Durable Liquid Tint Brush Set

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1. 100% New and High Quality
2. Natural, Waterproof, Long-lasting
3. Use for Daily Makeup, Party makeup, Professional Makeup
4. Good scalability and perfect coverage.
5. Four characteristics: fast drying, excellent durability, good extensibility and perfect coverage.
6. Draw natural 3D-shaped eyebrows, especially suitable for tattoos, embroidery or damaged eyebrows and fixed makeup.

Take a small amount of product with a brush; distribute it evenly on the back of the hand; then draw along natural eyebrows to create a three-dimensional eyebrow shape.

Quantity: 1 Eyebrow Gel + 1 Brush
Texture: Eyebrow Gel Cream

Package Content:
1 * Eyebrow Gel Cream 

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