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Poly Gel Nail Extension Gel

Poly Gel Nail Extension Gel

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Poly gel is a type of nail enhancement product that combines the qualities of both acrylic and gel nails. It is a versatile, self-leveling substance that comes in a tube or pot and is used to create nail extensions or overlays.

Poly gel is composed of a hybrid formula that typically includes a combination of acrylic powder and gel components. It is applied onto the natural nail or a nail form, and with the use of a brush and a slip solution, it can be sculpted and shaped before curing under a UV or LED lamp.

One of the advantages of poly gel is its ease of use. It has a thick, gel-like consistency that allows nail technicians to work with it for an extended period without worrying about it drying too quickly. Additionally, poly gel does not produce strong odors like some other nail enhancement products.

Poly gel is known for its durability and strength. Once cured, it creates a strong bond to the natural nail, providing a solid and long-lasting extension or overlay. It can be filed and buffed to achieve the desired shape and smoothness, and it offers a lightweight and natural-looking result.

Overall, poly gel offers a balance between the flexibility of gel nails and the durability of acrylic nails. It has gained popularity among both nail professionals and individuals looking for a reliable and customizable nail enhancement solution.

Category Phototherapy glue
Whether to import
Shelf life: 3 years
Features Rapid extension
Production date
Net content 30ml (g / ml)

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